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World Summit
for Sense of Place

Converging & Empowering
Mayors, Localists, Urbanists, Mobalists, Globalists, Glocalists, Architects, Ecologists, Geographers, Planners, Sociologists, Surveyors, Artists, Anthropologists, Transitionists, Topographers, Cartographers, Urbanists, Ministers, Specialists, Permaculturists, Designers, Developers, Innovators, Councillors, Environmentalists, Curators, Economists, Leaders, Traders, Networkers, Creativists, Entrepreneurs, Communalists, Managers, Conservationists, Statisticians, Experts, Advocates, Providers, Brokers, Diplomats, Marketers, Naturalists, Culturalists, Consultants, Technologists, Visualizers, Communicators, Sculptors, Engineers, Story-tellers, Historians, Organisers, Analysts, Place Champions
 around the world

SoPlace Summit is the world’s first congregation for sense-of-place.
We share, learn, network, collaborate, trade and be inspired by great conversations.

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Working with communities & governments, & across sectors & geo-political borders, the Summit will demonstrate that it is possible to bring about the changes necessary for a positive future of our place – district, village, town, city, state, country, region & our world. The Summit provides opportunities for incubating & networking for new ideas, innovation, & sustainable socio-economic reform as the 21st century demands & expectations placed on sense of place are unprecedented. It is a global platform for place-based leaders, government leaders & industry experts to engage meaningful & primacy of the sense of place – address the challenges of liveable & sustainable places, share trend-setting solutions, & forge new collaborative initiatives.

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